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Can you afford not to bring your product to market on time and on budget?

A cloud-native SaaS enrollment platform built to completely handle global study workloads – covering all aspects of the patient recruitment journey from awareness, consideration to site level screenings.

AI Patient Enrollment 


Patient Data Input

HIPAA and GCP compliant patient data sources are leveraged to accurately screen patient data into actionable deliverables for rapid site enrollment.

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AI Cloud Processing

Multiple third party data sources are gleaned and sourced through our proprietary, study-specific randomization mapping process which is secure and cost-effective. 


AI Patient Recruitment Cycle

Each studies unique AI model is insured to automatically select the best patient enrollment models across each sites geographic and linguistic requirement.

AI Enrollment Platform

No other Machine Learning approach seemlessly inputs protocol specific enrollment models, incorporating demographics and market data.


AI Enrollment Platform

Data is already being collected, we work with multiple systems and vendors. Our Machine Learning approach allows us to incorporate all kinds of data into our models, not just demographics and market data.

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