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Employee Wellness

ePatient Enroll  believes in making our workplace productive and a positive place of work. This process begins by allowing our employees to focus on clients while having the assurance that everyday family needs are handled and the utmost support is provided near the office, near home, for business travel and on vacation. 

  • On Demand Pay

        ePatient Enroll offers on demand pay for hard working employees who deserve financial wellness benefits so as they can be relieved from the

        burden of cash flow issues between pay days. We are committed to providing our team members with a quality workplace environment that

        spurns un-necessary stress. We offer On Demand Pay as a financial wellness benefit because we know relieving employee stress increases

        productivity and engenders workplace satisfaction and retention.

  • Perks & Discounts
    ePatient Enroll offers employees a simple online portal to access perks and additional benefits. Through a network of over 300k participating vendors both  local, and national employees can take advantage of exclusive coupons, discounts for a range of services and vendors including: 


  • Additional Benefits:

       ePatient Enroll has always understood the value of hiring the most talented employees and equipping them with the tools to do there very 

       best. We spend countless hours conducting employee bonding, working to improve and arrange training from industry experts ,so as our staff

       is always up to date on the latest trends and technologies. We work hard to retain employees, nurturing an environment that is driven by a 

       culture of client first and delivering upon each employees passion for improvement.