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Expertise & Compliance

Our primary responsibilities are to our customers, employees and channel partners throughout the global community. Finally, our mission  is to exceed client expectations and to go above and beyond what is expected of us in a superior way.

Recruiting & Retention Campaigns

Each ePatient Enroll campaign is managed by highly qualified, experienced experts who adhere to strict quality and regulatory assurance standards. Every team member undergoes a rigorous training, procedural and a comprehensive training programs through our own management team and online training programs. We also have quality assurance procedures in place to proactively ensure current- recruitment and post- lost-to- follow-up methodologies meet ethical standards.

Compliance Methodology

Why do research sites and contract research organizations turn to ePatient Enroll for rapid enrollment and subject retention solutions?

Because real and tangible results are delivered. It’s why we developed and perfected a system unmatched for efficiencies in rapidly identifying, engaging and referring study subjects in large numbers. The benefits to research sites and CROs are clear: speedier results and greater cost savings. More over ePatient Enroll maintains strict patient privacy guidelines and data security policies. HIPAA, HITECH, GCP, EU Data Directives, Graham-Leach Bliley and other associated policy regulations are embedded in our policies. Our records and processes are open for audit, and submissions to quality assurance assessments on behalf of our clients. As well, we have been reviewed and approved by numerous IRBs.


We boast one of the best -trained teams comprised of expert marketers and site support representatives, who yield the highest quality enrollment results that will help you greatly accelerate your study timelines

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