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ePatient Enroll is recognized as an innovative local patient recruitment and service firm specializing in online patient engagement and clinical trial services . Our commitment to client satisfaction drives the development of innovative and exciting offerings and technologies that are created, tested, and implemented for the benefit of our clients.

  • On Clients

       We are dedicated to our clients. We continually strive to deliver exceptional service and results—because that’s what our  

       clients deserve. Our clients truly do come first and we strive to provide the very best to every client.

  • Patient Centricity
    We seek out the exceptional methods to engage patients in diverse and dynamic platforms for accelerated enrollment. We are patient in evaluating each protocol and potential methods of reaching qualified subjects as we understand and discuss issues candidly with clients.


  • On Employees
    ePatient Enroll has always understood the value of hiring the most talented employees and equipping them with the tools to do there very best. We spend countless hours  working to improve and arrange interviews with great talent. We work hard to retain employees, nurturing an environment that driven by a culture of client first and delivering upon each employees passion for improvement.