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Whitepapers & Ebooks

ePatient Enroll dedicated resources include: Whitepapers, Guides, Ebooks, Webinars, Videos and more all designed to help modern study stakeholders overcome the hurdles of enrolling on a local and global scale across all marketing channels.

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To help study stake holders understand the impact AI can have on their patient enrollment strategies, we analyzed digital marketing interactions across verticals. You will learn:

ROI Of AI Patient Recruitment: Four Point for Multi-Channel Success


  • What leading organizations are doing with AI in their patient enrollment

  • How AI-Powered investigator recruitment impacts metrics like interim and top-line results

  • Why business development efforts matter in changing times. 

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Investigator Recruiting: Site Selection Whitepaper

  • What leading investigators use to market and increase business. 

  • How AI-Powered enrollment impacts metrics like interim and top-line results

  • Why Predictive Marketing has overcome the go to source for predictable results

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Implementing Patient Data For AI Patient Enrollment (Survey)

In this report, independent research reveals how leading research companies are using data and AI to exceed enrollment goals, and how organizations can keep from falling behind enrollment timelines. In this e-book, you will learn: 

  • The top reasons study stakeholders are held back from using AI in their enrollment

  • What leading organizations are doing with AI in their patient enrollment 

  • How lack of access to your patient data is holding your research management team back

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Learn how recruiting and enrolling patients for clinical trials can be a streamlined and organized process. In this e-book, you will learn:

Leverage Emerging Technologies To Improve Patient Recruitment

  • Learn why Digital Marketing is the key to long-term enrollment success

  • Discover why Customer Experience is the new lever for success for you local enrollment

  • Understand what local patient recruitment and AI enrollment is (and isn’t).

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  • How to avoid the guinea pig perception by treating your patients as partners and clients

  • How to adjust your process and procedure to adapt to changing demographics

  • Leverage sound communication techniques to effectively enroll patients today

In the digital world, customers express their tastes & preferences through many clues, some of which may be subtle. By effectively responding to these cues, brands can earn the same loyalty that our favorite neighborhood store inspires. In this e-book, you will learn:

Clinical Recruiting 6 Dangerous Trend To Avoid

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