What is Artificial Intelligence

 The term Artificial Intelligence was developed in the late 1950's and has universally been accepted as the ability of machines to reproduce human behavior in a repetitive and/or complex manner. 

In todays economy the term AI is now synonymous with the ability of a company to replace traditional manual human labor with machines for cheaper and faster results. This process is widely known as deep learning or machine data process wherein  expert level execution is repeated by machines with the same encompassing knowledge as seasoned experts in any repetitive task.  

As technology  evolved machine learning  demonstrated the ability to reproduce or exceed human performance, especially in instances of repetitive tasks or jobs traditionally reserved efficiency. 

Automating Patient Enrollment 

ePatient Enroll is recognized as an innovative local patient recruitment and service firm specializing in online patient engagement and clinical trial services. Through our 5 years of earned industry knowledge we have developed and directed technological developments to meet shortcomings in patient enrollment on behalf of our clients. 


For many research sites the need to focus attention on increasing enrollment rates and fulfilling tasks  needed to address increased expectations while maintaining a full workload in compliance with your protocol only makes the job even more difficult.

Often times a successful enrollment model is difficult to reproduce across a global study and the resources to do so vary widely across geographical and cultural differences. In most cases the opportunity to reproduce a successful patient enrollment campaign goes unheeded. Instead, ePatient Enroll clients have identified the power of AI to systemize and model successful enrollment using simulations to reproduce successful conditions across global study landscapes.


With ePatient Enroll, you are ready for AI even if you have no experience with machine learning. You can leverage our technology driven approach and industry experience to quickly implement successful enrollment campaigns to bring your study back on track.

The ePatient Enroll team possess the industry expertise to transform underperforming sites by rolling out  A.I. driven campaigns through simple site level training modeled to alleviate site burden. So, if it is not feasible to open dozens of new sites domestically or globally to attain the data required, you can leverage ePatient Enrolls deep learning artificial intelligence frame work to identify successful enrollment models and deploy across multiple- geographical frameworks. 

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