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Investigator Recruiting

We provide sponsors with QUICK, RISK FREE and best of all, ePatient Enroll@ investigator recruiting and patient enrollment service is at NO COST to Sponsors and CROs.


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Investigator Recruitment

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Investigator Recruiting

Recruit Qualified Research Sites & Experienced Investigators

Enroll Patient, has access to thousands of qualified clinical research sites and investigators through out North America, Europe, South America, African and Asian Countries. Our AI driven technology can rapidly enroll subjects for your upcoming study. The best part of all is that the service is no risk and no cost to recruit qualified investigators as all financial arrangements are handled directly with the site. Learn more about our experienced clinical investigators represented in dozens of countries across multiple Specialties.

Contact us today for a Fast, Efficient and No Cost set up.


Find Motivated & Experienced Investigators

The key to ePE success and repeat business from sponsors and CROs is that investigators who register with ePatient Enroll are actively seeking study opportunities and experienced.


Investigator recruiting services are free to sponsors and CROs as investigators pay ePatient Enroll fees.

Investigator Database

Finding experienced investigators for clinical trials remains one of the greatest obstacles to rapidly completing studies especially since protocol complexity continues to increase.


ePE proprietary investigator database contains over 52,000 experienced and research naive investigators in all medical specialties and practice settings globally.

Our Procedure | For Sponsors and CROs:


  1. Contact ePatient Enroll with your study specifications Here.

  2. ePatient Enroll emails a generic description of your project to the appropriate clinical investigator specialty (country specific).

  3. You are not identified.

  4. Interested clinical investigators with current capacity for your study responds.

  5. ePE submits qualified CVs to you.

  6. You decide whom to contact.


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Get started now.

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